Basic Mastering Checklist for EDM tracks

Level: beginner

This checklist will help you to avoid common mistakes and get good-quality tracks without using expensive equipment or asking for external help.


  • Route tracks into groups (BUSes), apply Glue Compressor if needed.

  • Apply side-EQ on the master to ensure your track is mono below 100-150Hz unless intended.

  • Work with slight (+/- 1dB) wide-band EQ to balance out different frequency ranges and enhance the lead instruments or voice.

  • Apply a limiter to the Master to reach the industry loudness standards.

    • Enable look-ahead (5-10ms) and true peak detection (-0.1dB).

    • Drive the gain until the limiter starts peaking at 2-3dB of the gain reduction.

    • Measure the loudness with a plugin, it should be somewhere between -10…-8 LUFS integrated. You can use free Youlean Loudness Meter plugin.

    • If you’re not able to reach expected loudness, you can drive the limiter higher, but you should not go over 5dB gain reduction. If that’s the case, apply individual limiters on every track bus. If this is not helping you likely need to get back to the mixing.

  • Compare the track against other tracks in the album/EP, or recently released tracks to ensure consistent sound.

  • Compare with the reference tracks.

  • Check the track in different sound systems. Obviously, it won’t sound the same everywhere, but the most important elements should be audible.

    • In mono

    • Basic earbuds

    • Smartphone speaker

    • Portable bluetooth speaker

    • Home Hi-Fi system

    • Car

This technique is used:

Genres: electronic dance music house techno

Instruments: all

Stages of production: mastering