Mix Readiness Checklist before Mastering

Level: advanced

In this video, Jonathan outlines ten things to check in your mix before sending it out for mastering.


  • Check your mix again against the references. Turn down the volume of the reference tracks to match the volume of your mix.
  • Check the loudness of your leads in different parts of the track. Your lead should be as loud in the intro as it is in the last chorus.
  • The volume of the lead track should not be too close to or too far away from the rhythm and harmony tracks.
  • Play your mix at a relatively high volume, no sounds or instruments should be unpleasant.
  • Check the difference between peak and RMS. It should be in the 5-10dB range, unless it is intentional.
  • Check the midrange for divergent tracks
  • Your mix should have a little less high-end than your reference tracks, because mastering will add a little more.
  • Check the LUFS vs RMS. If they are too far apart you may need to check the low-end.
  • Check the crest-factor in the low-end.
  • Give the mix one more listen for any technical issues.

This technique is used:

Genres: all

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Stages of production: mixing mastering